THINK AGAIN: My SEVEN Stage Journey from Self-Sabotage to success

All the advice I'd give to my younger self is in this book. 

I had blown up my life in spectacular fashion (including a rollover on a 6-lane highway), and I figured that flying free of the isolating religious group I belonged to, ending an unhappy marriage and starting my own business would finally bring me the elusive happiness I sought.

Nope. Close, but no cigar, as my Dad would say. 

Ten years after I went rogue, I had remarried, had a great business, a wonderful team, and beautiful kids. 

But I was STILL miserable. 

So I decided to find out why.

This book is the culmination of my 2-year quest to discover what truly holds us back, and what we can do to remove those blocks. 

Today, I live the life I knew I had in me. Now it's your turn. 
Rebecca Mountain
Author, speaker, coach, mother
I wrote this book sitting at a Starbucks by my house, pouring my life into the pages in the ardent hope that I could help others avoid my pain. I have lived an uncommon life, but have found peace, success and a happiness so deep that it propels me in everything I do. 

I'm so happy to have you here, and I hope you enjoy the book - but even more so, I hope it makes a difference in your life. 

- Rebecca
Leaving the past behind is harder than it looks.
Think Again will show you how to not only recognize some self-destructive behaviours, but more importantly, how to remedy the situation, find your peace, and move on with a new sense of clarity, purpose and happiness.

The Seven Stages to ending self-sabotage - and welcoming 
a life of success.

Reframing the stories we tell ourselves.

We can be experts in tearing ourselves down - and it holds us back.

Make no assumptions

Made-up dramas, assumed slights and insults - it's a mess you can avoid.

Define Your impact.

Want to do what matters? Something you love and value? Start here.

Finding Your People

We're affected by more than just the 5 people we see the most. Protect yourself.

Creating Your Plan

Without a plan, that new reality you want can't happen, so here's how to do it!

Who Needs You Most

A plan is great - but who benefits most from your actions? 

Taking Aligned Action

This is the "get up and go!" part of the process to get your new reality into your life sooner than you think. 

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Filled with extra stories, case studies, examples and worksheets, this is a companion to the book, and by following along, you'll be guaranteed to see massive changes in your life. 

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